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More Than Curb Appeal: Why Landscaping is Important

Television networks like HGTV thrive on the idea of “curb appeal.” Their goal is to share tips and tricks that will make all of your neighbors green with envy each time they pass your house. While curb appeal is crucial, the importance of landscaping goes far beyond the aesthetics. Landscaping not only creates an inviting […]

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Landscaping

Here is a simple secret that often gets overlooked: your home extends past your walls. Modern landscaping is a great and easy way to create an engaging and clean area you will cherish and enjoy. Your personal style and needs should apply to your exterior home as much as your interior. A modern style in […]

The Most Common Lawn Maintenance Problems

Everybody dreams of a clean, lush lawn to look out to every day (and to show off to the neighbors). In theory, lawn maintenance isn’t so hard, right? Just water, fertilize, and mow. Simple! But anyone who’s ever tried to take on their own lawn work knows it’s not that simple. There are plenty of factors just […]

Why You Need to Invest in Landscape Edging

You’ve mowed, weeded, and raked – but you’re not finished yet! No matter how perfectly you care for your lawn, it will inevitably end up looking messy again if you don’t invest in landscape edging. The small strip of grass that lines your yard is just as important as the large area of grass and […]

Landscaping Photos Guaranteed to Inspire Your Yard

Decorating and planning a yard is easier said than done. There are many steps that go into deciding exactly what landscaping will work perfectly for your specific lawn, and many of them get confusing or technical. Basically, landscaping can be difficult – which is why we’ve simplified the first step for you! By grouping a […]

Landscaping on a Budget: Simple Ways to Improve the Average Garden

It’s already difficult enough to plan a garden – let alone plan one on a budget! Working on landscaping on a budget is definitely going to take longer than a week or two. You’ll need to search around and shop smart, but we promise it’s worth it in the end! Continue reading for some tips on how to […]

Do I Need a Lawn Maintenance Service? 5 Reasons Why You Do!

Making the decision to hire a lawn maintenance service can be very difficult. Whether you are looking to hire a professional service for the first time or are switching providers, there are a few questions that you need to answer before beginning the search. Addressing these questions will guarantee that you receive the highest quality […]

6 Quick Landscaping Tips for The Perfect Lawn

Though not everyone is a landscaping expert, we all know a healthy lawn when we see it: the lush, green grass accented with beautiful trees and flowers. It seems simple enough, so why don’t all lawns look like that? Well, there’s actually a lot to learn in order to achieve the perfect lawn! We’ve gone […]

10 Popular Myths About Lawn Care | Part 2

We already busted a few popular lawn care myths (Part 1), but there are still many more to be addressed! It is important for homeowners to continue educating themselves about the ins and outs of residential lawn care, as there are many misconceptions flying around that can cause you to hurt your lawn more than […]

10 Popular Myths About Lawn Care | Part I

Popular myths exist in every aspect of society, with residential lawn care being no exception. While old wives tales and myths may seem to be a small issue, the damage that they cause can quickly become a large concern in many lawns. It is important for homeowners to know the truth about lawn care, allowing […]