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February Plant of the Month: Japanese Magnolia

Our February plant of the month is the Japanese Magnolia. You may have had the pleasure of seeing this plant in Gainesville, it’s hard to miss this time of year. The bright blooms that cover the tree are a real treat in the middle of winter. The Japanese Magnolia flowers in January and February and […]

Landscape Design Myths: What’s True and What’s False

When it comes to revamping your landscape, it’s important to know what’s true and what’s false. There are many components involved in your landscape design, so you should only have to worry about the things that matter! Know the Facts It can be overwhelming to start your landscape design project. Between trying to determine your […]

What Plants Should I Have in My North Central Florida Home?

Florida has many different climates and soils, so when it comes to landscaping, don’t take the “one-size-fits-all” approach. It’s important to consider soil, light, water, and climate conditions in your region to give your plants the best chance. North Central Florida is known for its hot and wet summers, mild to cool winters, and a […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Backyard

In Florida, there are endless possibilities on how to take advantage of your backyard space. However, for many homeowners, the list of possibilities can be overwhelming. That is why the landscaping professionals at LawnMore has compiled the top five backyard trends so you can make the most of your backyard.

Spring Cleaning: Prepping Your Yard for Spring

Spring is officially here in Gainesville and North Central Florida! Though our winter was mild, proactive homeowners can ensure a pristine yard that looks its best going into spring. A properly kept and prepared lawn leads to a healthy yard for many years to come. With simple planning, you can give your lawn a complete […]

Front Yard Landscaping

Now that the grass no longer needs cutting each week and watering each day, it’s time to turn your attention to an equally important part of your lawn: your landscaping. While the back yard offers comfort and privacy, focusing on front yard landscaping helps improve your home’s curb appeal. Check out our ideas for improving […]

More Than Curb Appeal: Why Landscaping is Important

Television networks like HGTV thrive on the idea of “curb appeal.” Their goal is to share tips and tricks that will make all of your neighbors green with envy each time they pass your house. While curb appeal is crucial, the importance of landscaping goes far beyond the aesthetics. Landscaping not only creates an inviting […]

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Landscaping

Here is a simple secret that often gets overlooked: your home extends past your walls. Modern landscaping is a great and easy way to create an engaging and clean area you will cherish and enjoy. Your personal style and needs should apply to your exterior home as much as your interior. A modern style in […]

Landscaping on a Budget: Simple Ways to Improve the Average Garden

It’s already difficult enough to plan a garden – let alone plan one on a budget! Working on landscaping on a budget is definitely going to take longer than a week or two. You’ll need to search around and shop smart, but we promise it’s worth it in the end! Continue reading for some tips on how to […]

6 Quick Landscaping Tips for The Perfect Lawn

Though not everyone is a landscaping expert, we all know a healthy lawn when we see it: the lush, green grass accented with beautiful trees and flowers. It seems simple enough, so why don’t all lawns look like that? Well, there’s actually a lot to learn in order to achieve the perfect lawn! We’ve gone […]