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Lawn Care Tips

How to Prepare Your Yard for a Hurricane

Living in Gainesville, we all remember the excitement, hustle, and bustle that comes right before a major storm. Just last year, we saw people scramble to grocery stores and gas stations taking any precaution they could before they awaited Hurricane Irma’s winds and rain. August through November are the busiest times of year for hurricanes […]

Landscape Maintenance vs. Lawn Care: What to Focus On and When

Many people often use “lawn care” and “landscape maintenance” interchangeably. While both are required to maintain the appearance of your yard and surrounding external areas, there are different requirements of each. Meaning, you should focus on different aspects to get the most out of each. Not taking the required precautions to maintain and care for […]

Off-Season Lawn Care Tips

As the summer heat finally comes to an end here in North Central Florida, it is common for many people to believe their lawn care for the year is coming to an end, too. While the nature of your yard care will change in this next season, there is no reason for it to end […]

Fall Lawn Care: Tips and Tricks

Hang up your floaties and put away your flip flops because summer is coming to a close here in Gainesville and North Central Florida. It may still be hot outside now, but before you know it, the leaves will fall and there may even be a chill in the air. When the time comes, do […]

Beginner’s Guide to Crepe Myrtles

If you were born and raised in the South, chances are you are familiar with Crepe Myrtles. Even if you don’t know it by name, you can spot one a mile away. These colorful plants can add beauty to any yard and are most often found in homes throughout the South East. Some may even […]

10 Popular Myths About Lawn Care | Part 2

We already busted a few popular lawn care myths (Part 1), but there are still many more to be addressed! It is important for homeowners to continue educating themselves about the ins and outs of residential lawn care, as there are many misconceptions flying around that can cause you to hurt your lawn more than […]

10 Popular Myths About Lawn Care | Part I

Popular myths exist in every aspect of society, with residential lawn care being no exception. While old wives tales and myths may seem to be a small issue, the damage that they cause can quickly become a large concern in many lawns. It is important for homeowners to know the truth about lawn care, allowing […]