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Florida Fall Planting

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Dreaming of your spring garden? You don’t have to wait until winter is over to start working on it. Fall is the perfect time to work with your landscape designer and get a jump on spring planting! 


Take advantage of the good weather by caring for your established plants. Trim and water trees and shrubs. Deep-watering helps them get hydrated for the coming winter. Trim back perennials and remove dead and damaged portions. Cutting them back before winter arrives will help ensure that they look their best when they bloom again. Weed your gardens, remove dead plants, and rake up leaves and grass clippings. 


A single sprout of a small plant

Fall brings perfect conditions for establishing new plants. The soil is still warm, which allows roots to grow and get established before the ground freezes. Hurricane season is still going, so there are plenty of fall showers to water plants. Plus, the cooler weather makes it much more enjoyable for you to get outside and work in your garden. Whether you are doing it yourself or working with a professional, this is a great time to be in your yard. 


Wondering what to plant in the fall? Here are some landscaping garden ideas:


  • Spring bulbs: Bulbs that bloom in the spring need a period of cold to bloom, so fall is the perfect time to plant them. Select hardy bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, irises, and hyacinth.
  • Perennials: Hot weather is stressful on perennials, so the cooler temperatures in the fall will make it easier for them to thrive.
  • Cool-season vegetables: Many vegetables thrive in cool weather and will continue producing into the winter because Florida temperatures don’t dip below freezing very often. Brussels sprouts, carrots, spinach, and kale are great choices.


We encourage you to call a high-quality landscape designer, like LawnMore, if you have any questions or want to discuss your landscape design ideas. 

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