White words on photo of buttonbush in Florida landscaping. Plant of the month: Buttonbush.

Plant of the Month: Buttonbush

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Plant of the Month: Buttonbush


Buttonbush works beautifully in landscape design, particularly in Gainesville. Florida weather is perfect for this hardy native plant, as it spreads best when grown in moist soil and full sunlight. Florida landscapes often include this combination, and buttonbush is also a wonderful resource for pollinators, particularly bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. 

Dark brown butterfly on buttonbush in Gainesville landscape.

Buttonbush grows 6 to 12 feet usually, though it can get up to 15 feet under certain circumstances. It has glossy green leaves which appear in late spring, and fragrant white flowers that bud in early to mid-summer. These flowers are distinctly spherical and dense, and buttonbush bears flowers for an extended period of time, increasing pollination as well as visual appeal. Over time, these flowers become hard, ball-like fruits that contain seeded nutlets. They change color as well, often turning red or pink or green. 

When it comes to Gainesville landscaping, caring for buttonbush is fairly easy. It grows best in      moist, rich, fertile soil– this is part of why it thrives in swampy areas. If planting buttonbush in a particularly wet area, give it plenty of room to grow, as it tends to spread. Though this plant prefers full sunlight, it is adaptable to semi-shaded areas as well. Buttonbush grows year-round, but should be pruned in its dominant season or before new growth begins, usually in early spring. This plant grows quickly and lives long, making it a wonderful environmental utility. 

If you’re looking for a delightful native plant to add to your landscape design, consider buttonbush as an optimal choice, or take a look here at other beneficial native plants and landscaping options. Contact the friendly professionals at LawnMore to see if buttonbush is right for your yard.

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